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PBR (Professional Bull Riders)

  • Date:

    Throughout Year 2019

  • Location:

    United States, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Mexico


Key Facts

  • Established in 1992, PBR is the world’s premier bull riding organisation
  • The PBR Unleash The Beast features the world's Top 35 bull riders and rankest bulls
  • The televised Unleash The Beast and PBR Velocity Tours, along with the touring Pro Division and the PBR's international circuits in Australia, Brazil, Canada and Mexico have paid more than $184m in earnings to its athletes
  • PBR has the highest level of social engagement of any major professional sport
  • RidePass, the PBR's 24/7 western sports digital network, produced more than 500 hours of sports programming in 2018
  • All event and media rights owned and controlled by the PBR


  • 84 million US fans
  • More than 3 million fans attend live events each year worldwide
  • 1 million+ US event attendance
  • PBR broadcasts reach more than 400 million households in 130 territories around the world
  • PBR on CBS broadcasts averaged 1.2 million viewers in the US in 2018

Partnership Structure

  • National, Local and Regional partnerships in each territory
  • National and Worldwide licensing partners
  • National Media Partners territory by territory