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Nike Melbourne Marathon Festival

  • DATE:

    2nd October 2022


    Melbourne, Australia


Key Facts

  • The Melbourne Marathon Festival is Australia's largest marathon and premier running event.
  • Nike has joined as the Melbourne Marathon Festivals’ official major partner, as well as taking naming rights for the Full and Half Marathons.
  • 5 events: Nike Melbourne Marathon, Nike Half Marathon, Sri Lankan Airlines 10km, 5km Run and 3km Walk.
  • The 2019 event set a new record for the 42 year-long festival history, with more than 37,000 participants across the five distances - the highest figure yet.
  • Four of the five events sold out, including the Full Melbourne Marathon, 21.1km Half Marathon, 10km run, 5km run.
  • Course takes runners on a fantastic tour of the city, passing by all of Melbourne's most iconic landmarks and finishing with a glorious lap of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).
  • Four day expo leading up to and during the event held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
  • More than $1,200,000 (AUD) was raised for various charities in 2021.


  • 37,000+ participants

Partnership Structure

  • Premium Level Sponsors: 4 available
  • Support Sponsors: No limit on number, but on average there is a tendency to have at least 8 on varying commitment levels
  • For each sponsorship category available for this event a range of benefits are built into a proposal to match the value of the category being sold

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