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The Championships, Wimbledon

  • Date:

    27th-10th July 2022

  • Location:

    The All England Club, Wimbledon
    (London, UK)


Key Facts

  • The oldest and most prestigious tennis championship in the world
  • The only Grand Slam played on grass
  • The embodiment of tradition, heritage, innovation and aspiration
  • A national obsession
  • The world’s largest single sports event with true global reach and stature
  • One of the world’s 'hot ticket' events
  • 'Outside of the Olympics and the World Cup, Wimbledon is the world’s most powerful sports property' Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO WPP
  • The Wimbledon fan is not just a tennis fan, the event transcends tennis and sport


  • Cumulative TV audience of 1.2 billion across 200 countries
  • Over 21 million unique users of Wimbledon digital platforms
  • 1.7 million mobile app downloads
  • 8.5 million users across Wimbledon’s social media platforms
  • 500,000 spectators per year (54% female, 81% from the ABC1 demographic)

Partnership Structure

  • All partners are designated as ‘Official Suppliers’ – package is category dependent
  • A small carefully selected family of partners
  • ‘Best in category’ brands
  • All must enhance the event
  • All must provide a key service to the Championships
  • Partners are predominantly seen as ‘prestigious’, ‘one of the top brands in the sector’, ‘global’ and ‘supportive’ (Repucom)
  • Rights dependent on the category, but include top level hospitality and an integrated package of worldwide marketing rights